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Why did we make this site?

MySystemPicks.com was created to revolutionize the business of sports handicapping. For too many years there has been thousands of people who have entered this business with zero ability to handicap sporting events. Most of them wear shiny suits, scream into the camera and tell you how great they are at picking winners. The unfortunate part about this is that 99% of these people are/were liars, scam artists and salesmen who are just trying to make a quick buck and don’t care about flushing your hard earned money down the drain.

By introducing this site, my goal is to be the other 1%. The type of person who makes a difference in the lives of sports gamblers and helps them to achieve success that they have never attained before. This site is not just a webpage that displays picks, it is a learning tool to educate and advise people on how to become a better and more successful sports investor. This site will teach people how to manage your bankroll, what kind of stats/trends to keep an eye on and most importantly when to make withdrawals from your sportsbook so that you truly can accumulate a substantial amount of money from my plays and advice.

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NHL01/21/2023Over 6.51.5W
NBA01/21/2023Under 221.51.5W
NBA01/21/2023Sixers -1.51.5W
NFL01/21/2023Jags +9.52.0W
NFL01/21/2023Eagles -83.0W
NBA01/20/2023Over 243.51.5L
NBA01/20/2023Under 219.52.0L
NCAAB01/20/2023St Johns -4.53.0L
NCAAB01/19/2023UCLA -4.51.5W
NBA01/19/2023Sixers -2.53.0W
MLB 2276585729.452945.00
NBA 22-2356356145.604560.00
NCAAB 22-2358445730.503050.00
NHL 22-231510665.60560.00
NFL 22-2358395931.653165.00
NCAAF 22-2337256029.782978.00